Dovo Straight Razor Carbon Ebony Wood Handle Review

Dovo Straight Razor Carbon Ebony Wood Handle Review

Price: Approx. $135 USD

Pros: Really beautiful and elegant design, sharp and efficient blade, finely built

Cons: Beginners need to use it carefully

Complete Dovo Straight Razor Carbon Ebony Wood Handle Review and Analysis:

Here we have another amazing razor by Dovo. We’re going to review it, so you can see why it’s one of the best straight razors for men at the moment in the market. It has got many interesting points on its favor, and we are going to show it all to you. And by the way, we have to say once again what a good brand Dovo is, it alone speaks very well about this product. But don’t worry, we will tell you the pros and cons of it.

How Good Is The Blade?

In a straight-razor this is the most important aspect. It’s made of carbon steel, which as many of you know, is a better choice. Because it brings you a superior edge retention, which is incredible for shaving your beard as you normally do or your head hair. In fact, many men use the Dovo Straight Razor Carbon Ebony Wood Handle for this purpose, and it works beautifully.

As you will see in the section it differs quite a bit in the grind in comparison to other razors made by Dovo, but there’s nothing wrong with it, because we will explain you all about it.

The Grind:

It’s a half-hollow grind, and we have to tell you that there’s no much difference between a full hollow and a half one. The difference between each other is minimal. You would only notice a substantial and markable difference with a quarter hollow razor. Then, we can conclude that this blade is made of the right material and comes with the right grind, which will bring you a superior performance you will fall in love with.

All in all the material of the blade, carbon steel, and the 1/2 hollow grind go hand to hand and bring an outstanding performance at the hour of shaving yourself. Just that such a powerful combination cannot be handled safely by inexpert hands.

The Grip:

Now, a razor cannot be slippery, because it not only makes the efficiency of the razor inferior, but also dangerous. By itself straight shaving carries a higher risk than shaving with a normal razor, and if the razor you are using is slippery, then this risk is increased.

The good news is that this straight razor by Dovo is very stable and won’t slip away when you shave, which brings you a lot of control and stability, which is exactly what you need to shave that beard or moustache of yours without problems or more risks than needed.

The brand has done a beautiful job. The ebony wood handle doesn’t slip away and is very beautiful, not for nothing it’s one of the most beautiful straight razors in the market nowadays.

Conclusion and Final Words:

Here it is. You have this complete review on this razor. What do you think about it? It’s a great choice in fact: It’s good for beginners (who are careful), has a very nice performance and looks very beautiful.