The DOVO German Classic 5/8 Blade Review

The DOVO German Classic 5/8 Blade Review

Price: Approx. $100 USD

Pros: Very affordable, nice design, smooth shaving and great for newcomers

Cons: The handle is made with cheap plastic, may not be enough for some men

Complete DOVO German Classic 5/8 Blade Review and Analysis:

As we have seen in our principal page which reviews the best straight razors for men, Dovo is one of the most reputable brands in the market, and this product is a good proof of it. It’s affordable and comes with an excellent performance. If you are interested in buying it, then come with us and check what it has to offer. We are confident that you will like it very much.

How Good Is The Blade?

It seems like the vast majority of razors crafted by Dovo come with carbon steel blades, and that’s actually a good thing. Because carbon steel is the real deal for straight shaving, which in our opinion is superior to stainless steel. We have previously talked about the advantages of this kind of material.

All you need to give it is a good stropping and you will have one of the best experiences of your life. Because it shaves smoothly and easily. The straight razors crafted by Dovo are “ready to shave”, but our advice is to strop it properly before shaving, this way you will get a superior performance.

It has a cool edge retention. Now it’s time to go and review its grind, which is another important aspect in every single straight razor.

The Grind:

It comes with a 1/2 hollow grind. Some people may think that it’s a problem, but certainly it is not. There’s no much difference between a full hollow and a 1/2 grind. The performance is practically the same, and this is something we can also see in the Dovo Straight Razor Carbon Ebony Wood Handle.

Therefore, the carbon-steel blade and the 1/2 hollow grind bring it a very good performance. So it’s a very solid pick regarding this aspect. You will get a good shave with this razor. Hence, we recommend you to try it if you are looking for something affordable, because it’s only $100 USD (approximately).

The Grip:

And finally it’s about time to review the grip. Now, the downside of this razor is that it comes with a cheap plastic handle, which is a turn off. Because it not only rests merits to it in terms of the aesthetics, but also makes it a bit more slippery than other razors with better handles.

If there was something to improve in this cheap razor it would be the handle, which would bring it a better grip. But all in all, it’s a very solid pick, especially for the price. But as you can see in our list of the best picks for men looking for a straight razor, you can buy something better like the Dovo’s straight razor with a beautiful and excellent ebony wood handle for only $30 USD more.

Conclusion and Final Words:

There you have it. It’s our review for the DOVO German Classic 5/8 Blade. It’s a very good pick for the price, and we certainly recommend it for people who are looking for something solid and affordable.