Boker USA Edelweiss Straight Razor 5/8in 140520 Review

Boker USA Edelweiss Straight Razor, 5/8in 140520 Review

Price: Approx. $260 USD

Pros: Superior shave, German-quality steel, very beautiful

Cons: Expensive, no-no for beginners

Complete Boker USA Edelweiss Straight Razor 5/8in 140520 Review and Analysis:

Here we have a top-rated product by Boker, and in our humble opinion, the best one from our listing of the best straight razors. We will review it as the other picks from the listing, so you can know more about it and see if it’s the right one for you. If you are a beginner, we really recommend to check other options, because it’s not good for newcomers.

How Good Is The Blade?

The blade is 100% made of carbon steel. Many straight razors make use of stainless steel, but the unique advantage offered by it, in our opinion and according to many other seasoned users, is that it will stand better the pass of the time. On the other hand, carbon steel has proven to be simple MARVELOUS for shaving.

Boker makes many of the best straight razors in the market and the USA Edelweiss Straight Razor 5/8in 140520 is by far one of the best picks out there. Its blade is exactly what you need for a smooth and clean shave. Just that such a great power carries a very high responsibility with it. Because it’s easy to get hurt with such a fine and powerful carbon-steel blade.

We dare to say that this razor will provide you one of the best shaves in the world, comparable only to more expensive models. This one is expensive, we know it, but for its price it’s totally worth it. The blade is a real high-class thing.

The Grind:

It comes with a full hollow grind. It’s the traditional grind present in the vast majority of razors by Boker, and it’s due to a very good reason: It works very well. Along with the excellent material of the blade and this grind you will have a very nice time shaving yourself. It’s just a bit riskier than other grinds, but that’s the price you have to pay for such a good experience.

The result offered by this mix of the hollow grind and the carbon-steel blade will bring you the best shaving of your life. For real, we are not exaggerating when we say this, because your face will never have felt so great. It’s excellent to use every single morning.

The Grip:

The handle is 100% made of natural white bone. It makes it awesome at the hour of handling it, even if your hands are wet. It’s very stable and firm, which is what you need to bring yourself a safe and great shaving. Because if a razor is not very stable, then you put yourself at risk and results won’t be as good as they could.

The razor itself is practical to handle. But such a great power is not good on the hands of an inexperienced user. Therefore, if you don’t have much experience using this kind of razor, then you should start with something for beginners. Because with this one it’s easy to get hurt.

Conclusion and Final Words:

This is what you need to know about the Boker USA Edelweiss Straight Razor 5/8in 140520. It’s one of the best products by Boker. With this original and elegant white-bone handle, carbon-steel blade, excellent hollow grind and a superior performance this razor will quickly become y0ur favorite.

Just remember that it’s not a good pick for beginners. Hence, only pick this one if you have experience in straight shaving. Otherwise you will have problems and potentially hurt yourself.